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SLAC’s very first proprietary hybrid rice seeds, SL-8H Super Hybrid Rice Seeds initially released in the Philippines during the Dry Season 2002-2003 marked the start of the company’s expansion and development of its marketing organization. SL-8H has then on proved to be the leader in terms of yield versus other hybrid rice seeds in the market with a potential yield of 7 to 14 tons and a record-yield of 17 tons per hectare. With its tremendous success, our neighboring Asian countries – Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia has adopted the SL-8H hybrid rice seeds technology.

A new hybrid rice variety gives new hopes of a more stable yield to farmers with its robust panicles and stems that potentially give 250 to 300 cavans per hectare, establishing farmers’ net income of P100,000 to P200,000 per hectare. The good yield of SL-18H Super Hybrid Rice Seeds of SL Agritech Corp. (SLAC) is bringing a jackpot income which may turn out to be a first for most Filipino farmers. 

Another promising hybrid rice seeds, SL-12H is now available for commercial planting. This new line of hybrid rice seeds has a potential yield ranging from 7 up to 12 metric tons or equivalent to 140 to 240 cavans per hectare and is suitable for wet and dry season.


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